What does this word mean

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What does this word mean

Postby scorpione » 09 Jul 2006, 01:07

I have found a very important death act for my relative Pietro Caivano who died in Pontelatone(CE) in1851. But, at the very end where it is to list HIS parents, the space is filled with a word that looks like Luguivare or LuguvaseMaybe the letter L is really an S and the word is Suguivase.After that there are blank spaces for Pietro's fathers place of birth and his profession. This info is crucial to me .Can anybody help me ? Thank You

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Re: What does this word mean

Postby mfjp » 09 Jul 2006, 04:37

Can you email me the jpeg file?

Send me a private message if you wish... and I can link up the file for you...

better yet... I will private message you with an email addy...

Let me know...


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