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Postby louisa10 » 08 Aug 2006, 02:36

I have recently left my message about my family in Oratino and the name melideo. I have have not had much feed back is there anyone who could help me. thanks.

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Re: melideo

Postby nuccia » 08 Aug 2006, 11:23

About your original message...

Not sure what type of help you're looking for. In your original post you wrote..

hi I am looking for information on my family who I know live in Oratino. M y grandfather lived there but he died recently his name was camillio melideo. If anyone can help me thet would be great thanks.

This led me to believe you were looking for living relatives. You were given the phone listings for living persons with your surname and a link to the films for your town. ... =5170.html

You did not provide any feedback to us at that time nor did you say that you were looking for something other than what was provided...and then you post the same vague statement under another thread.

This seems to be happening more and more. We're volunteers, not mind readers. We provided you the answers to your question as best we could given the little info you gave us to work with. If you want something different, may I suggest you go back to your original post and edit it or add what you would like to know to it.

Begin by telling us what research you have done, if any, and in what country and for who. Provide us with names, birth years, place of birth, where they settled. Be specific. Persons born after t 1930 have very little info available on the internet due to privacy issues so therefore you would need to write to Italy for that info or research the films as mentioned.

I hope this clears up the reason why you have received "little" feedback.


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