Creating a new word for a fiction piece

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Creating a new word for a fiction piece

Postby FabioSooner » 19 Sep 2006, 03:42

I'm not sure if this is too off-topic for this forum, even where italian language translations are concerned, since it doesn't involve anything about genealogy. Sorry if I'm intruding with this; in any case, it won't take too much space, or so I hope.

I'm writing a piece of fiction which involves an italian family who develops a penchant for witchcraft; specifically, rituals that involve imparting decay to a living person or forestalling death altogether. I'd like to come up with a good italian-based term to name their practices. While there's always negromanzia (necromancy), the word means "divination via the dead" or something like that, which is not the case at hand - the witchcraft this family indulges in is more of a manipulation sort, with little in the way of divination. After some research, I feel that the prefix I'm looking for is "tanatos". So, I'd like to ask... How do you feel about "tanatomanzia"? Is it too weird, or it makes sense in a linguistic point of view? Is there any other juxtaposition of prefixes and sufixes that would work better?

Many thanks for your attention.
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Re: Creating a new word for a fiction piece

Postby elba » 20 Sep 2006, 16:04

'De Mauro' gives these words
1. tànato– conf., morte, relativo alla morte:
2. tanatofobìa s.f.
3. tanatofòbico agg., s.m.
4. tanatologìa s.f.
5. tanatològico agg.
6. tanatopràssi s.f.inv.
7. tanatoscopìa s.f.
8. tanatòsi s.f.inv.

These may be of some use to you. If I can help in any other way please let me know!

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