Do you know what this means? Maricote and dimentaci

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Do you know what this means? Maricote and dimentaci

Postby Poipuo4 » 21 Dec 2006, 13:51

I received a letter from Italy from a friend, and she said that she wanted to send me a certain regional "dimentaci." From the context, I can tell it is some sort of food. It is possible I can't read the handwriting. Any guesses what this is? Any words that sound or look like that? Also, does any one know what "maricote" means. Again, maybe I am misreading the handwriting, so if you know any similar words, I would appreciate it.

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Re: Do you know what this means? Maricote and dimentaci

Postby Esperanza » 21 Dec 2006, 14:15

If she is talking about food... maybe the "maricote" could be "manicotto"... ... sp?id=1281

Info from above site...

In the United States, cannelloni is known as manicotti. The Italian term "manicotti" is the plural of manicotto ("muff"), the diminutive of manica ("sleeve"). ... sp?id=1281

Dimentaci? hmmm... I forgot!...

Actually, dimentico is the closest word I can find to "dimentaci"... and it does mean to forget...

If you want a small portion of your letter posted here at this forum please let me know. You'd get a better opinion.

All you need is a digital camera pic.

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