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New Information

Postby shutterbug1002 » 15 Apr 2007, 18:19

The nephew of my gggrandfather immigrated from Torino in 1900 to live with his uncle in the United States.
Census Records say he was 8 years old and from Rocco, Purmont, Italy. Knowing what I now know about the Provinces...I'm guessing that should be Rocco/a, Piemonte, Italy. His name on the Census records appears to be Lui Divito.

Perhaps this means my grandfather was from Rocco/a,Torino,Piemonte, Italy?

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Re: New Information

Postby Biff83 » 15 Apr 2007, 19:17


From a listing of comuni (towns) in Italy beginning with Roc in the province of Torino.

Rocca Canavese province: Torino - region: Piemonte ... oc-ruv.htm

And from a listing of frazioni (hamlets within towns)

Rocca comune: Villareggia - province: Torino - region: Piemonte

Rocca di Verrua comune: Verrua Savoia - province: Torino - region: Piemonte

Roccapiatta comune: Prarostino - province: Torino - region: Piemonte

Rocco comune: Prarostino - province: Torino - region: Piemonte ... ro-rof.htm

Double check my results. I may have missed a listing.

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Re: New Information

Postby dbc2014 » 28 Aug 2016, 18:17

I would bet this is Rocca Canavese, Province of Torino in Piemonte. Have spent the past 2 years going thru the Rocca civil records from FHL microfilms, and there are hundreds of Davito Gara's in them.

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