Help translating recipe

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Help translating recipe

Postby johndefiore » 22 Jun 2007, 03:29

I recently found one of my grandmother's recipes for Scripelle Frite (dated 1972!), which is different from the more common scripelle in brodo. I'd like to give it a try but I can't translate some of the words. Maybe someone here could help? Here's the recipe:

3 Piate di farina (Three cups of flour)
(I seem to remember she used potato flour, does anyone know if that's correct?)
2 cuchiare pieole di polvere
(2 teaspoons (tablespoons?) of something powdered, maybe baking powder?)
2 ove (2 eggs)
2 cuchiare di curisco (Crisco?)
2 patane grande che de laqua rosamarina (I remember she made rosemary water, but I don't understand the measure here. The handwriting is a little difficult to understand)
e uno pache di sole (or is that sale, a pinch of salt?)

e questo sono per fare la scripelle frite (that part I get)

The dough was shaped into long twists and deep fried in oil, and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Absolutely great when fresh.

My grandmother was from Montazzoli, Chieti, Abruzzo and spoke the local dialect, so some of the words are not necessarily standard Italian.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.


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