help with letter to send to parish - what to ask for ?

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help with letter to send to parish - what to ask for ?

Postby Jamerson » 22 Jul 2007, 10:39


I have traced by my ancestry to my great great grandfather - Guiseppe Sossi born in VILLA OPICINA TRIESTE on the 18 or 28 of October 1902. Married to Maria Gherselli / Garzelli.

I have attempted to obtain a copy of his details however I received a letter from the commune stating that as the birth record was prior to 1924 all records are held by the church and that they forwarded the information to San Bartolomeo Apostolo Parish. Unfortunately the parish has not replied so I am going to mail then direct.

I am wondering if anyone could please provide me with a proforma letter request any details ie birth, baptism, marriage that the church has. Also is it practice to provide monies, a self addressed envelope, etc in the letter?

Thank you

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Re: help with letter to send to parish - what to ask for ?

Postby wldspirit » 22 Jul 2007, 12:03

You have the following letters to choose from: ... talian.ASP ... rishpriest

I would include a SASE, that would help cover the cost of return postage, as for a donation, regardless if you make the donation now, you still may not recieve a reply. I would make the offer, then wait to see if you get a responce.

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