Birth Record translation

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Birth Record translation

Postby Giambrone » 12 Aug 2007, 18:56

L’anno milleottocentosettanta sei,addi sedici a oreanti meridiane nove (noue) e minuti uenti , nella Avanti di me Vietro Mancuso Assedtore ????

Faceste de vcci dol Lisroaco manc???Uffiziale dello Stato Civile del Comune di Palazzo Adriano e’ compares Giambrone Giuseppe , di anni trentahe, Villice in questa, 1 quale mi ha dicharato che alle ore ?? merdian minuti dilci ??? del di quattonice del carreuta mese, nella via Moline al numero .. da Bacile Margherita ta sua maghie secalhie corruiue e nato un bambino di sesso unaschile che ei mi presenta, e a cui d a Dinebuci A qyabti siora e a qyesti atti sibi statu oresebtu qyaku testunibu Oarrub the reason for the question marks I can’t understand the letters or because the paper is cut off irma

Can some one please help me translate this birth record


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Re: Birth Record translation

Postby wishyou » 12 Aug 2007, 21:15

First I had to translate it in italian.....

The yaer 1876, today 16 (tha month is missing!), at hour 9 and minuts 20 of the morning in the (town hall - is missing but it muste be) in front of me Vietro (Pietro?) Mancuso Assessore as Ufficiale of Statot Civile insteadof the Major (this means that he substitutes the major in this occasion) of the Comune of Palazzo Adriano, has come Gaimbrone Giuseppe, 33 years old, Peasent int his town, which decleared to me that at hour ?? (maybe means twelve of the morning, noon) minuts 10 of the 14th day of current month, In Moline Street at number .. from Bacile Margherita his wife secalhie corruiue (Whaaaat????) is born a baby of male sex that he shows to me and which he gives ....... from this point is not understable. I think there is tha name of the baby and rest of the formula.
If you scanned the paper with an OCR program rescan it as jpg. Is better.

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