how do i request a birth certificate in italian

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how do i request a birth certificate in italian

Postby aviphighlanddancer » 26 Apr 2003, 06:14

was wondering if anyone could give me a sample letter to send requesting a birth certificate for a grandfather. Have the address and where to send to.


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Postby ptimber » 26 Apr 2003, 14:05

give me your e-mail address (by private message if you wish) and I will e-mail it to you if the www/ site doesn't work out. Peter

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Re: how do i request a birth certificate in italian

Postby arturo.c » 26 Dec 2014, 20:50

Just a quick tip: birth certificates in Italy must be requested to the "Comune" where the person you research was born, and can be of three different kinds:

1. Certificato di nascita
2. Estratto per riassunto dell'atto di nascita
3. Copia integrale dell'atto di nascita

The first one can be requested either in Italian or on a multiple language form (modello plurilingue) which includes English, but includes only the name of the person and the date and place of his birth.

The second one is a more detailed document whose contents include the full names of the parents, the date, time and place of the birth, and sometimes annotations regarding marriage, name change, loss of citizenship, etc.

The third is a full copy of the birth record as it appears on the book, and is by far the most detailed document of all, because it would also bear annotations about any subsequent changes of status, such as marriages, divorces (or annulments), death, etc. with all the relevant names, dates and places.

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