Can anyone decipher this signature?

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Can anyone decipher this signature?

Postby peggymckee » 03 Sep 2007, 21:18

Click on the image to enlarge.

Would you ever guess that the first name is Luigia and the last name is Marchi? This is how my grandmother, born in 1886, signed her oath of naturalization.

The L certainly doesn't look like one to me! Peg
Surnames: Bertellotti - Ridolfi - Marchi

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Re: Can anyone decipher this signature?

Postby vj » 03 Sep 2007, 21:22

Best guess:
Luigia Marchi
she added a loop at the end of her 'L' :wink:

LUIGIA f Italian
Italian feminine form of LOUIS

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