Puzzled? Grateful for your opinion

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Puzzled? Grateful for your opinion

Postby Emmy » 21 Sep 2007, 11:39

I was at the FHC yesterday and was checking out a birth act. On the birth act (1855) it stated -Niente Padre- I know this means the child was illegitimate. The child's name on the birth act was Giuseppe Bastianello and his mother's name was Teresa.
At the bottom of this document it was very difficult to make out the writing
but it was something like this:- Febr.1875 avant l'?? dello fatto S'Elia Fiumerapido requido? ?? Giuseppe Ponio ricond?spello? mio figlio legittimo Giuseppe Bastianello pa??scae spre/ condratto con Teresa Bastianello gr??ta l'alto di riconq??mat?? per etc etc Could this mean that Teresa has married and her husband is 'adopting the child as his own or has the true father come forward?

At the other side of the birth act at the bottom It has Feb 1882 avant l'? della fatto S'Elia F Sposo Giuseppe Ponio conMaria Sofia Soave etc. So it does seem that his surname has changed from Bastianello to Ponio

I know what I've written isnt much to go on but I'm just curious. Would be grateful for your opinions.
This is a copy from the birth act but I think its too blurred to make anything out.


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