themelmel is baaack...

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themelmel is baaack...

Postby themelmel » 06 May 2003, 19:52

hello again. i just recently got an email from a long lost cousin of my father that said that their family was strictly from ripi and not from strangolagalli as i once thought, i can't even remember where i got the notion from...but he's got a lot more info on them than i do and i wanna see what he has...
his father and my dad's father were brothers....this cousins name is peter viselli and my dad's name is peter viselli... :roll: that should be a perfect example of how confusing things can get; and my dad and this cousin haven't seen each other in at least 50yrs. i think my dad was a very small child the last time they saw each other...
but i just wanted to update what i found out, so there would be maybe less confusion than before...sorry about that...
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Postby ptimber » 06 May 2003, 20:25

we are too busy to be confused! Peter
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