Venetian dialect letters from the 1820s

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Venetian dialect letters from the 1820s

Postby Falcieri » 25 Jan 2008, 10:44


Hi everyone,

I have several letters from the 1820s which I have had rough translations of in the past but everyone has struggled because they say they are in old Italian. I will add them here in case anyone can help, but I will do them one at a time. They are not long, but I would love to know exactly what they say.

Many thanks in advance for your help everyone!



La Sigra Marietta Rossi,

Parti da questa la il Giorna 13 Giogno 1829 aller ore 7 ¾ di mattina, iote si in barco arinpato del London Dock e parta aller ore diesi a sete mernuti col Gastimento yui indicatto sia

The Brig Ann, - London Dock Buoy in the River

e pati per san petro Gurgo aconpagnata fino al Gastimento da Antonio Lega Zambelli a da aspasia di lui filgia indi da Giovanni Battista Falcieri

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Re: Venetian dialect letters from the 1820s

Postby Lady_Oscar » 26 Feb 2008, 21:35

Mrs Marietta Rossi,
left from..... day 13 june 1829 at 7,45 am, therefore she was embarked ...... to the London Dock and left to the 10,07 am with the indicated ship:

The Brig Ann, - London Dock Buoy in the River

and she left for St.Petersburg, accompanied until the ship, from Antonio Zambelli...... and also from Giovanni Battista Falcieri

bye ;)

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