Also interested in Acri

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Also interested in Acri

Postby mduva » 04 Sep 2008, 18:08

My maternal great grandfather born 7-22-1879 in Acri wondering about the location then and now.

Surnames are Ferraro (grandfather) married to Serraviliglia (not sure of spelling)

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Re: Also interested in Acri

Postby PeterTimber » 04 Sep 2008, 18:23

There are 2 in Cosenza Province Acri, Postale 87041 and San Giacomo d"Acri, Postale 87040, adjoining towns and yet there is a thrid town similar in name but not spelling is VACRI, 66010 in Chieti province Abruzzo. I did not want to overlook the obvious.

You might wish to go to the nerest Mormon church family history library for any microfilm for your "Acri "listing the births,marriages and deaths. In Acri's case dates of micorfilm records go from 1809 to 1910.

You might also wish to go to for any listing in the town of your choice for the surnames you mentioned. =Peter=

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