Records at Basilica di San Salvatore dei Fieschi

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Records at Basilica di San Salvatore dei Fieschi

Postby Frank127 » 27 Sep 2003, 22:23

Hi! I would like to contact anyone who has searched for family records or is also interested in searching for records at the Basilica di San Salvatore dei Fieschi church. I would appreciate learning what your experience has been. I have been told that church records do not exist (or are not available). I also know that the church rectory has been moved several times in the past. Any information you have would be appreciated. The church is located in Cogorno, near Lavagna & Chiavari, near Genoa. I believe that my Vaccarezza ancestors have lived in the vicinity of this church for 300-400 years. Thanks for your help. Frank Vaccarezza

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Postby ptimber » 28 Sep 2003, 16:46

I am not familiar with your plight but I can certyainlyh appreciate your frustration. I would be angry too if I had contacted the church directly and they waved me off. In fact there is a nearby church where I live that has the records and they are "stored away and we are goiong to renovate and when wee get those recordsd "down" we will look into your request. Have you tried calling the church directly and inquire within?? Peter

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Re: Records at Basilica di San Salvatore dei Fieschi

Postby jtorre » 22 Sep 2005, 10:31

This is going back a ways ... did you ever find out about records at the Basilica dei Fieschi? I would guess its records were not available vs. not existing. Many parishes in that area don't have a resident priest. He comes only occasionally to say mass or do a funeral. Even if he resides at a particular church, he is probably also managing several other parishes. The Basilica is significant enough that I would expect a priest to be resident. But whether he has time, or an "assistant", to do research is another question.

If you didn't get what you needed in the past 2 years, I would try again. Several of the churches in the Chiavari area have become very interested in preserving their records. You never know. Another suggestion is to post a query on the "Radici" forum of the Val Fontanabuona website Some local residents seem to respond.

And last, I will be in that area next month and can at least ask about records at the Basilica.

J Torre

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