Mountain town in Sicily- Cartefridi or Calatatfirmi

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Mountain town in Sicily- Cartefridi or Calatatfirmi

Postby Emilygb » 11 Feb 2009, 02:56

My family legend is that Vincenzo Saputo was 4 years old and living in a town like "Cartefridi" in the mountains of Sicily when a bandit leader moved in with him and his mother around the time Garibaldi reunited Italy (I have no idea of when that was, this is a story to me).
Vincenzo grew up, married Mariana Geneo in northern Italy (he ran away from the bandit by joining the army). They emigrated to USA and he is my maternal ggfather.
It is the story of the bandits in this mountain town and who Vincenzo's real parents were that interests me. Can anyone decipher the folk tale into facts?
Thank you

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Re: Mountain town in Sicily- Cartefridi or Calatatfirmi

Postby PeterTimber » 11 Feb 2009, 04:30

The town may be Lercara Friddi, 90025(zip code), province of Palermo.

I suspect you do not know the Italian langiage well enough to conduct research in that language. if this is so youmight want to first verify in your family oral history that this is the town of origin for yiour family. In Italy the town of origin is vital and c annot proceed without knowing the correct one. You might want to verify this thru website for a family member weho immigrated to the USA/ =Peter=

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Re: Mountain town in Sicily- Cartefridi or Calatatfirmi

Postby nazca » 12 Feb 2009, 21:31

Hi Emily,
another possible town is Calatafimi, province of Trapani, where may 15 1860 Garibaldi won a first battle at Calatafimi against around 2,000 Neapolitan troops . The battle was inconclusive, but boosted the morale of the Mille and, at the same time, depressed the Neapolitans, who ill guided by their often corrupted higher officers, started to feel themselves abandoned. In the meantime the ranks enlarged to 1,200 with local men joining. With the help of a popular insurrection, on May 27 they laid siege to Palermo, the island's capital (from wikipedia). this is the official website of Calatafimi :
Try to tell your story at :
Maybe there is someone who knows legend and fact of Calatafimi town...

best Regards
I'm searching lost relatives and descendant of my greatgrandfather Vincenzo Genualdi (or Gennaldi or Genuardi) and my greatgrandmother Concetta Davola (their sons: Angela, Carmela, Antonio, Bartolomeo, Ernesto, Simone, Riccardo, Maria) went in Chicago,Ill., and New Orleans, in 1880-1920 from Sicily. Other family related : Jacobucci or Jacopucci (from Central Italy).

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