land ownership in 1747

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land ownership in 1747

Postby cliklm » 29 Jun 2009, 18:54

I have been reviewing the 1747 Riveli records for Lucca Sicula, Agrigento. Lucca Sicula was the village center of the Culla Fief established in 1622. I am seeing my ancestors listed and the word "possiede" following their name and father's name. Then it goes on to list the property. I guess I need a bit of education. I was under the understanding that the Feud was owned by the Luchese family and the land was contracted to tenant farmers. If that is the case why were they be called possiede (which I think means to own). Was it possible that a farmer could own the land during the days of feudalism? Also, I am wondering about the inheritance laws at this time. Was it possible for a son to inherit his father's land or would he have to re-contract with the owner of the Feud?

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Re: land ownership in 1747

Postby PeterTimber » 04 Jul 2009, 15:15

Your research request about Sicily land ownership may be met by consulting (provided you can read Italian) the general catalogue of the antiquarian book dealer Arnaldo Forni, Editore, (english will do) and requesting a copy of the current General Catalogue under INDEX BY SUBJECTS (written in english) for Sicilia.

There is another website (in Italian) which may shed some light on your research objective at or perhaps a referral to a more original source of information. Sorry cannot be of further assistance save for an attorney who assist people with property in Italy located in San Francisco who may also be a source of information. His name is Alioto and canbe found in your California directory I am sure. =Peter=

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