Marriage/birth/baptism records for Bisacquino residents?

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Marriage/birth/baptism records for Bisacquino residents?

Postby AngelaM » 29 Dec 2003, 03:28

With the help of a friend here, I think I've got one set of my grandparents identified. They were from Bisacquino, Sicily. They immigrated the US in 1901 and they were married some time prior to traveling. Can anyone tell me where to begin my search for these types of documents? I do have birth dates for my relatives.
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Postby ptimber » 29 Dec 2003, 05:47

Write, in italian, requesting documents to Ufficio di Stato Civile,Postale 90032, Copmune di Bisacquino, Province Palermo, Sicily Italy. The servivce is free but the Mromon church suggests $5.00 per document and youcan either take a chance and send Cash or Euros cash or an international bank check in Euros along with a self addressed envelope. If you do not speak,read or write italian then go to www, and use their form letters. Peter
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