Gualtieri in agnone

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Gualtieri in agnone

Postby djfrank » 25 Dec 2009, 20:01

i am looking for Gualtieri's in agnone italy

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Re: Gualtieri in agnone

Postby PeterTimber » 25 Dec 2009, 21:01

There are 7 currently residingin Agnone with GUALTIERI surname and if you wish to write to them or call go to (put Gualtieri in first line and Agnone in second line and click CERCA) for all addresses and telephone numbers. If you wish to write to them in Italian with potential relative form letters
and the telephonenumber is there for you to call.

Further you can trace the Gualtieri surname by wiritng directly to the Registry Office in Agnone or rent out microfilm of ther town civil records at your nearest Mormon family history library. Please let us know what you want to do. =Peter=

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