Castagna, Italy

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Re: Castagna, Italy

Postby Sketers » 26 Aug 2011, 01:25

My granparents are from Castagna,,Grandinetti, also related to the Cardamones, Grecos. I'm originally from Utica,NY. I visited Castagna in 1079. A beautiful, remote and somewhat primative village, high in the mountains. From Catanzaro it took a good 2-3 hours by car up a very narrow winding mountain dirt road to get there. Spent a few weeks there with relatives. I think I met every single person in the village, even went to the school and had lunch with all the school children. Noone spoke english, I didn't speak italian. All I had with me is a letter my mother wrote in italian. My relatives found someone in a village down the mountain who spoke english and he came and stayed with me. All the food was grown and raised there. Some of my relatives lived in the same house as their farm animals (people upstairs, animals below), no indoor plumbing. Absolutely amazing that these people could find there way to the new world, awe inspiring. So many told me that when people left noone ever came back. My grandfather's brother was still there, he cried whenever he saw me and cried the entire time I was there. I'll never forget it. More olive trees than chestnut (castagna) trees, beutiful little black and red goats. I would have known my relatives anywhere, the family resemblance was amazing. Maybe maybe when I retire I go back to visit.

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