Palazzo Andriano

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Palazzo Andriano

Postby lilacresfarm » 25 Mar 2011, 14:54

Where do I start my research for surnames in Palazzo Andriano?
Is there anyone who has already done some research and may have run across the Surnames "Termine" and "Troncale" ?

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Re: Palazzo Andriano

Postby Tessa78 » 25 Mar 2011, 15:45

One place you can start is with the actual Civil records from Palazzo Adriano that are available at your nearest (Mormon) Family History Center.

They have available for rental and viewing the Civil registrations (births, marriages, deaths) from 1820 - 1902 on microfilm. Rental is about $5.50 per month.
Records available (births (nati) - marriages (matrimoni) - deaths (morti) ) ... exe%3FT%3D\\\\\\IMAGES\\T715-2237\\T715-22370758.TIF%26S%3D.5&pID=100815020077&name=Fulvio%26nbsp%3BTesti&doa=Dec+09%2C+1913&port=Genoa&line=0017

You will need to go to the center to order the film. When it comes in you can return to the FHC and view it.

Even if you do not read Italian, you will be able to recognize the surnames you mention. You can save the images to a thumbdrive, then post them to this forum for translation...

For your nearest Family History Center


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