Surnames: Colantoni & Marrone

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Surnames: Colantoni & Marrone

Postby phishfood » 31 Aug 2004, 20:27

I am looking for some information on these surnames in the town of Montebello di Bertona (Pescara) area. The names are : Francescopaolo Colantoni, Domenica Marrone, Raffaele Marrone, and Francesantonio Marrone. I am looking for some dates on these individuals. If anyone can help out possibly that would make me happy. I do have some more information if necessary.


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Re: Surnames: Colantoni & Marrone

Postby ptimber » 31 Aug 2004, 22:32

If you go to the nearest family histyory library of the Miormon church you can rent out the microfilmof the civil records for Montebello di Bertona which date from 1809 to 1910 and ocver allbirths,narriuages,deaths and family composition. The fee is nominal ($3.50) . Peter

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