Veneto Parish Records being researched.

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Veneto Parish Records being researched.

Postby trevisan2 » 25 Oct 2004, 05:48

I have a copy of parish records, including birth, death, marriage and some census records of the following towns. Vazzola, Visna, Cimetta, Sofratta, Mareno di Piave, San Paolo, Rai, Tezze, Fontanelle, Lutrano, Rameria, and Valle di Cadore.
We are doing research in these areas.
I am checking to see what interest there may be. These towns are near Treviso, and just north of the Piave river and west of Conegliano of Italy[/b]
The Valle di Cadore records are complete with all birth, marriage, death, regestri del morti, regestri del matri, and 1700 & 1800 era census. all records date back to the 1550's. there are some 20,000 pages
The Valle di Cadore records are being extracted as well tol link all together
Researching in the provience of Treviso, Italy, Provaglio Sopra, Val Sabbia of Brescia.
Domege di Cadore

Forno di Rivara, TO, Canischio, TO

Surnames Melchiori of Oderzo, TV, Vendrame of TV, Rossi of Rai di San Polo, Bonotto of TV.

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Re: Veneto Parish Records available

Postby JamesBianco » 01 Jan 2005, 15:17

This is such wonderful news! I would so love to get my hands on the records for Valle di Cadore, as my great grandmother was born there.
Did you see my reply in the other thread with her dates and ancestry?
The mormons didnt film the records for Valle, so anything I have is from correspondance with the Stato Civile, and while they have been wonderful in responding to my letters, I hate to keep bugging them to get farther back (coupled with the fact that they only started keeping civil records in the 1870's). But the church records, that is truly a fantastic source!

I cant wait to hear more on this.

Jim Bianco

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Re: Veneto Parish Records available

Postby isabelweber » 25 Jan 2005, 15:53

I am VERY interested in the Valle di Cadore records for which you have CD's....especially since both of my parents are from Valle. Several years ago I spent an afternoon combing through those 'ancient volumes' and wished I had more time to search for ancestors.
Please let me know how I can obtain these records. Thank you so very much!!!

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