Piani Di Albanisi, Sicily

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Piani Di Albanisi, Sicily

Postby Benita LoCastro » 08 Oct 2011, 20:17

My grandfather came from a town in Sicily called Piani di Grecci which is now called Piani di Albaisi or some variation on the work meaning Albanian. My grandfather was very proud of his Greek ancestry and I heard that it was Mussolini who changed the name from Piani di Grecci to Albanisi because he was angry at the town because they showed disrespect to him by not lining the streets when he visited the town before World War II. It definately stated that my grandfather's town of origin was Piani di Greci which meant "A plane of Greece" on his immigration papers. So why have the Greeks been cut out of the history of this town?

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Re: Piani Di Albanisi, Sicily

Postby liviomoreno » 10 Oct 2011, 10:46

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