Records for DAgord/Sebben in Fonzaso prior to 1840

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Records for DAgord/Sebben in Fonzaso prior to 1840

Postby Violet » 04 Feb 2012, 17:18

My Family records have me blocked at a certain point. Great Grandfather born in Fonzaso 15Sept 1856 looking for his Father and Mothers dates and full names. And backwards rom there. Anyone got some suggestions. Only got so far on hoping for another solution.

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Re: Records for DAgord/Sebben in Fonzaso prior to 1840

Postby adelfio » 09 Feb 2012, 15:26

Do you have some full names of your GG parents? Did they stay in Fonzaso?
If so you can go back in there death records(atti di Morti) on for Fonzaso that will list age and occupation both parents and wife or husband.
Italian to English translation for Italian death record
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Death record of Index #54 Giuesppina D'Agord Belluno age 7months > Fonzaso > Indice Annuale Morti > 1907

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