Nola locations in mid 1800s

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Nola locations in mid 1800s

Postby bnelson » 02 Mar 2012, 15:16

I am researching mid-1800 Italian birth and marriage records from Nola, Naples, and I am trying to find where the roads or districts/frazione mentioned in the records are located within today's Nola. I haven't had a luck finding these on Google earth/maps. Does anyone know where these locations are today?

Strada Quartieri
Strada Sant Anna
Largo Veseonado
Vico Fiorentino
Vico Secondo del Carmina

Also, does anyone know if there are any street maps of Nola from the 1800s anywhere?

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Re: Nola locations in mid 1800s

Postby suanj » 02 Mar 2012, 16:24

Bill here the all streets ( modern names) in Nola; and just Strada Sant'Anna( =Via Sant'Anna) exist today ... o_nola.pdf
the right street spell that you mentioned:
Strada Quartieri
Strada Sant' Anna ( Via Sant'Anna currently.. maybe near Chiesa Sant'Anna/Saint Anna church)
Largo Vescovado ( Bishop Palace -place)
Vico Fiorentino
Vico Secondo del Carmine

here a map where you can find the Vescovado( and the Vescovado place nr 15 on the map; and Saint Anna church nr 12 on the map)

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