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Postby LisaAllen » 04 Apr 2012, 04:00

We are travelling to Ittaly for the first time and found out that my distant relatives were from Montella, Avellino, Italy. Rosario De Simone (D.O.B October 7 1866) and Great, great Grandmother was from Serino, Avellino Italy Maria Michela Manzo. Rosario is the son of Rocco DeSimone and Maria Carmina Tordela - presumably from Montella.

We have found out that some records have been lost but would like to go to the towns to visit the church they may have been married in (Serino) 1896 think.

Will we be able to find the church from 1896? Will these towns be accessible by Train from Naples or a bus? Will we be able to get around the town with limited Italian?

Any help for us Canadians in search of family roots? Any etiquette tips will help.

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Re: Serino/Montella

Postby Tessa78 » 04 Apr 2012, 16:37

Here are the current listings of churches in Montella
1 S. Giovanni Batt. in Montella (AV), 83048 Montella (AV)
2 S. Michele Arc. in Montella (AV) Via San Michele, 83048 Montella (AV)
3 S. Silvestro P. in Montella (AV), 83048 Montella (AV)
4 S. Lucia V. e M. in Montella (AV), 83048 Montella (AV)
5 S. Maria del Piano e S. Benedetto in Montella (AV), 83048 Montella (AV)
6 Ss. Pietro, Paolo e Nicola in Montella (AV)Via San Pietro, 83048 Montella (AV)

And for Serino...
1 Ss. Giovanni, Luca e Lorenzo in Ferrari di Serino (AV)
Via S. Giovanni, 83020 Ferrari di Serino (AV)
2 S. Antonio in Rivottoli di Serino (AV)
Via Cap. De Filippis 52, 83028 Rivottoli di Serino (AV)
3 SS. Annunziata e SS. Corpo di Cristo in S. Biagio di Serino (AV)
Via P. Roberto 1, 83020 S. Biagio di Serino (AV)
4 Ss. Pietro e Paolo Apostoli in S. Lucia di Serino (AV)
Piazza Dante 1, 83020 S. Lucia di Serino (AV)
5 S. Michele Arc. in S. Michele di Serino (AV)
Via Cremona 1, 83020 S. Michele di Serino (AV)
6 S. Eustachio M. in Sala di Serino (AV)
Via Roma, 83028 Sala di Serino (AV)

From this site...


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Re: Serino/Montella

Postby LisaAllen » 04 Apr 2012, 19:42

Thank you so much!

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