Rapallo - Cemetery information

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Rapallo - Cemetery information

Postby Rebeccake » 12 Apr 2012, 00:36

I received a Death Report of an American Citizen Abroad for a relative who died in Rapallo in 1984. The death report states she was "interred in the Cemetery at Rapallo". Does anyone know the name of the cemetery and/or how I could contact someone there to take a picture of her grave? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I have no other information and cannot find reference to any cemeteries in Rapallo online.


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Re: Rapallo - Cemetery information

Postby carinthiangirl » 12 Apr 2012, 11:34

Inumazione salme nei cimiteri di Rapallo - Burial of corpses in cemeteries of Rapallo
Responsabile di procedimento - Responsible for process
Responsabile di provvedimento - Responsible for interim
http://www.comune.rapallo.ge.it/index.p ... &id_doc=61

http://www.google.at/#hl=de&sugexp=frgb ... 24&bih=601

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Re: Rapallo - Cemetery information

Postby Italysearcher » 12 Apr 2012, 14:39

You might be lucky since 30 years has not yet passed. If no one is renewing the lease her ashes/bones would be moved to the Communal 'ossario' after 30 years unless some special arrangments were made. Also be aware that YOUR name might be put on the records to be contacted when the lease is up. This happened to a client recently in Rome.
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