Provaglio val Sabbia . Brescia Surnames Baruzzi, Bertaboni

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Provaglio val Sabbia . Brescia Surnames Baruzzi, Bertaboni

Postby trevisan2 » 02 Jan 2005, 07:33

I have a grandmother Angelica Baruzzi, who cam from the mountain village of Provaglio val sabbia. Its above Brescia and east of the Lago di Garda, and just above Vobarno (BR).
Does anyone out there have any ancertry from this region of have any info on the Baruzzi Name.
Researching in the provience of Treviso, Italy, Provaglio Sopra, Val Sabbia of Brescia.
Domege di Cadore

Forno di Rivara, TO, Canischio, TO

Surnames Melchiori of Oderzo, TV, Vendrame of TV, Rossi of Rai di San Polo, Bonotto of TV.

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