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re;address Caserta Cisterna

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re;address Caserta Cisterna

Postby maddiestuc@aol.com » 10 Sep 2012, 19:43

i am trying to find my ancestors family records from a town Castel Cisterna.my paternal grandparents are Raffaelle Coscetta 1868-71 and Maddelena Testa Coscetta born 1874.Raffaelle left Italy for NY and arrived 1905,wife and children came in 1907.There were three children born in Castel Cisterna.I am trying to find the names of their parents and any family in Castel Cisterna.can anyone help with info or a correct address to write to?

Madeline Stuckey
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Re: re;address Caserta Cisterna

Postby vj » 11 Sep 2012, 19:13

Hi Madeline
Welcome to the Forum!
The town is most likely Castello di Cisterna (also called Castelcisterna), a comune (municipality) in the province of Naples, in the Campania region.

Microfilmed Records:

Your nearest Family History Center can order civil records for Castello di Cisterna (Napoli) for 1809-1865 on microfilm.
The cost is about $7.50 mo (rent), you’ll need to go to the center to order & view them.

Family History Library Catalog:

Film notes for Castello di Cisterna (Napoli):
https://familysearch.org/eng/library/fh ... umns=*,0,0

Title: Registri dello stato civile di Castello di Cisterna (Napoli), 1809-1865
Authors: Castello di Cisterna (Napoli). Ufficio dello stato civile (Main Author)
Notes: Microfilm dei registri originali nell'Archivio di Stato, Caserta.
Births, deaths, marriages, miscellaneous documents, marriage documents.
Include indici annuali.

And, just in case you aren’t familiar with the Family History Center & Italian records

FamilySearch Centers Home Page
Includes how to find your nearest local Family History Center

about Italian Records:
http://www.italygen.info/2010/09/italia ... ction.html

and Italian Records Extraction:
http://www.italiangenealogy.com/italian ... extraction

Writing to Italy:
for records after 1865 you could write to the comune:

Italian form letter generator with instructions:
http://www.circolocalabrese.org/resourc ... civile.asp

Or other helpful form letters:
http://www.angelfire.com/ok3/pearlsofwi ... tters.html

Ufficio di Stato Civile
Comune di Castello di Cisterna
Via Vittorio Emanuele 158
80030 Castello di Cisterna (NA)

http://www.tuttitalia.it/campania/44-ca ... -cisterna/
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Re: re;address Caserta Cisterna

Postby vj » 11 Sep 2012, 19:26

This may help you locate family currently living in or near to Castello di Cisterna (Castelcisterna)

White pages:

Form Letter to a Possible Relative

note: in Italy women keep their maiden names
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