Foundling Homes

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Foundling Homes

Postby Parma » 02 Oct 2012, 21:50

I am trying to find information on Foundling Homes in Caserta, Italy around the year 1886. I am assuming that is was probably a Catholic Charity that took in newborns that were left by their parents. And I was wondering if there would be any information at the Church level or Baptismal info even if the parents were unknown. Thank you.

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Re: Foundling Homes

Postby Italysearcher » 03 Oct 2012, 08:53

While there were foundling homes in the larger centres due to the volume of abandoned babies, in the smaller towns these children were assigned to wet nurses. Often recommended by the local midwife or priest who knew which women still had milk after weaning their own child or who had just lost a child at or shortly after birth. This information is often included on the child's birth record.
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Re: Foundling Homes

Postby mdil57 » 10 Jun 2013, 05:42

I am looking for information also.

Looking for brother would be about 50yrs old,in orpanage in Ragusa Sicily
around 1955.Had a sister there with him. His Last name was Dicarlo.

Sister was born in 1957

Her name was G Bozzardo dob April 4, 1957

orpanage was on Via Carducci

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