Birth Certificate from ROVIGO (Veneto region) around 1855

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Birth Certificate from ROVIGO (Veneto region) around 1855

Postby volpin » 19 Jul 2013, 09:41

Good day fellow researchers !

I am looking for practical help to retrieve documents related to the birth and/or baptism of my great-grand-father Giovanni VOLPIN from ROVIGO (either the city or province) in the Veneto region in Italy.

He emigrated to Brazil, settled in Pedreira - São Paulo state, and died there in 1932 at 77 years of age, meaning he was born in or around 1855 (1854 - 1856).
His parents were Paolo VOLPIN and Teresa CAPATO, who did not emigrate to Brazil.

Upon arrival in Brazil (at the age of 18 - I have no document of this, only stories from family members), Giovanni's first name was changed/translated to João (and on on his death certificate his parents are mentioned as Paulo, and Theresa).

So far I have written to the "diocesi di Adria - Rovigo", to cultural centers in the region, but with the data I have they do not seem to be able to locate anything.

Italy was unified in 1861 and my GGF Giovanni was born in or around 1855 when it was not Italy yet. It must have been either Venice or part of the Austrian empire.

We do not know from where he left in Italy (as Rovigo is in the north, perhaps from Venice or Genova), and where in Brazil he arrived (large ports are Santos in the São Paulo area and Rio de Janeiro).

I am wondering whether people have looked in the same area (Rovigo province or Veneto region), and if yes, if and where you were successful (local administration, church, cultural group, etc.) around 1850 - 1860.

In case anybody has experience with the search for documentation regarding people emigrating from Northern Italy (ship registries/documents etc.), that would be very helpful as well.

Thank you in advance, grazie !
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Re: Birth Certificate from ROVIGO (Veneto region) around 185

Postby carinthiangirl » 21 Sep 2013, 11:44

no idea if helps anywhere, here the phonebook:
write the name at residentials and you get 228 results. there some Volpin at Rovigo directly but also nearby places with dialingcode 350 on begin to find. maybe take time to find which places have the name too around in present days.

did the diocese not look for first directly in Rovigo, which can also be a possibility?
you asked here? Archivio Diocesano di Adria-Rovigo: ... esano.html
found about: ... chie.html#
taken right of map -> Triveneto -> Adria - Rovigo

interesting....immigrations habour Ellisisland New York has a Benjamin Volpin age 27 from Rio de Janeiro in 1915. place of birth stated Russia, town not clear. he was jewish: ... &dwpdone=1
First Name: Benjamin
Last Name: Volpin
Ethnicity: Russia, Hebrew
Last Place of Residence: Rio de Janeiro
Date of Arrival: Aug 14, 1915
Age at Arrival: 27y Gender: M Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: Vasari
Port of Departure: Rio de Janeiro
Manifest Line Number: 0001

were also yours jewish? so if - the roman.cath. files will not be of help.
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