Immigrant musicians from Viggiano/Marsicovetere

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Immigrant musicians from Viggiano/Marsicovetere

Postby 113yearslater » 27 Mar 2015, 21:18

I found this really cool article about immigrants to Australia from these towns and others in the area, and how they brought their music with them, especially the violin and folk instruments like the harp. It also talks about how they transitioned from street musicians playing popular and folk tunes to showing up in orchestras and opera pits. I thought it was really neat because, in Philadelphia, my own ancestors from that area were musicians as well (at least one harpist, probably two, and another unspecified). ... l-migrants

If you are also from one of those nearby town, and you have musician grand and great-grandparents, you may find this interesting. It's specific to Australia, but a lot of what it says goes for the emigrants who ended up in the US, too.

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