St Balbina Parish / St Francisis of Assisi Monastery

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St Balbina Parish / St Francisis of Assisi Monastery

Postby santillo213 » 09 Apr 2015, 18:46

I have been told that my gg grandmother, Rosina A Naccarato chose to become a nun. She was sent to the town of Catania where she lived with the nuns of St Balbina Parish. Later, she was sent to St Francis of Assisi Monastery to prepare for Nun hood. She never completed her service, due to family issues. I do not know where to look to find any additional information on this? I can not seem to find the correct Parish to write to and do you think they would have any records that would benefit me in searching? I guess I am not sure how long someone would spend to become a nun and what is required.
Rosina was born in 1866 so she must've been in the convent about 1884 or so?
Thank you!

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Re: St Balbina Parish / St Francisis of Assisi Monastery

Postby adelfio » 10 Apr 2015, 16:07

Welcome to IG website what town was she born in?
Did she marry and come to the US?
Researching Trabia, Palermo surnames Adelfio, Bondi, Butera, Scardino,Rinella, Scardamaglia


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