Granza, Barba family search (includes Vieni, Fazio, Palladi

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Granza, Barba family search (includes Vieni, Fazio, Palladi

Postby barbagranza » 17 Aug 2005, 06:15

8O so, found a bunch of Granzas listed in the Italian white pages in Sicily which is where some of our people are from. some of the names are the names of ancestors too! what's the likelihood we are related? would it make sense to try to write to them? we don't know italian and we don't know if they know any english!!!

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Re: Granza, Barba family search (includes Vieni, Fazio, Pall

Postby VaDeb » 17 Aug 2005, 06:48

Do you know what town in Italy your ancestor was from? Writing a letter to potential relatives can be rewarding, but it would better to write to those from the same town as your ancestor.

Here is a letter to a potential relative in Italy ... #relatives

Would suggest trying to find the town of origin, first though. Have you looked for your family on any US census? Do you have their passenger manifest?

If you need help,please post ancestors name, date of birth, where they lived in the US, name of wife, or other details you know.

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