Ufficio Dello Stato Civile?????????

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Ufficio Dello Stato Civile?????????

Postby Petrarca » 29 Aug 2005, 23:19

Who, exactly, is the "Ufficio Dello Stato Civile" of Fornelli (Isernia Province)? The mayor of the town is Giuseppe Petrarca, but I'm not sure if he's the UDSC???????? Or, perhaps, is the UDSC located in Isernia? I mean, is it a regional position???


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Re: Ufficio Dello Stato Civile?????????

Postby suanj » 30 Aug 2005, 01:40

Hi: the Ufficio dello Stato Civile, or also, easy, UFFICIO STATO CIVILE, or more easy Stato Civile, is the office in City Hall(is an LOCAL office, in all towns of all regions, in all Italy) pertaining all records about inhabitants of town, and especially of single/married status..

Who Office 's worker in Stato civile of Fornelli.... I know no...........
but if Petrarca is the Major, and all Majors stayng in city hall, well always the major is the head of all offices in city hall ... and so all request addressed to major are always better of all request addressed to single office...
but I can say you that now for all request, to Major or to Offices, is always better the fax, why many offices no replying email... also after the fax, because are many job, is better to phone call for some times, until obtaining the documents....

regards, suanj
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