Camposanti in Lucca area

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Camposanti in Lucca area

Postby mjclayton1 » 30 Aug 2015, 18:15

I'll be in Lucca for a few days in September. Although my partner will NOT want to visit cemeteries while there (I completely understand this sentiment), if I have a little free time of my own I realize how a trip or two to a local "cimitero" could perhaps be a rare opportunity for someone like myself to help archive her deceased ancestors overseas (we live in the U.S.)...

That said, can anyone list for me the primary (historical) cemeteries around Lucca, Capanorri, Gallicano, Barga, Badia di Cantagnano, etc? Also, is there any etiquette in "visiting" such places that an American would need to know?

I consider myself a very respectful person and would therefore not want to do anything to both offend any locals or embarrass myself. Here in America (SF Bay Area), the local Italian Cemetery and Holy Cross cemeteries in Colma, CA (just south of SF) have people that give you assistance in locating grave markers. Generally speaking, is it the same in Italy?

Thanks in advance for any info you can offer.

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