Forenza Sassano & Lombardi families

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Forenza Sassano & Lombardi families

Postby laitydg » 22 Sep 2015, 15:42

Gosh this Forenza is a confusing place!

My FIL was born:

Vincenzo Lombardi
Forenza, Potenza, Basilicata
21 May 1934
Parents: Michele Lombardi & Loreta Sassano

He is among eight siblings.

So far, so straightforward, right?

On family search, there are extensive records for Forenza, including births up to 1908.

The working theory that we have, is that Loreta is probably born between about 1900-1910, so I start leafing through the birth records.

Low and behold, between 1900 & 1908, there are three Sassano fathers having children. Angelo & Michele are fairly straightforward, but then there's Gerado.

1900 he has a baby with his wife Erminia Galligano.
Same thing in 1902.
In 1904 there's another baby with his wife Antonia Brienza
...again, nothing too unusual about that, but then...

May 1905, a baby with his wife Erminia
December 1905, a baby with his wife Antonia.

There are more babies for Gerado and Antonia between 1906-1908.

There are no babies named Loreta born to any of these families going all the way back to 1875. - So, either our Loreta is born after 1908, or elsewhere. In all that period, there isn't a birth record for Loreta's brother Antonio. Not too worrying, since he's a younger brother.

The next funny thing though, is that Gerado, who is noted as 24yrs in 1900 & 27yrs in 1902 (though only 23 months have elapsed, so one of these must be wrong), has no birth record back to 1875. In fact, between 1875-1900, there are no Sassano births at all.

If anyone has any tips or info, they'd be very welcome!

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Re: Forenza Sassano & Lombardi families

Postby adelfio » 22 Sep 2015, 22:15

Welcome to IG website
I would say she was born after 1908 send for the marriage of Michele Lombardi & Loreta Sassano in Forenza. When was Michele Lombardi born?

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Re: Forenza Sassano & Lombardi families

Postby laitydg » 24 Sep 2015, 00:38

Hi Marty,

Thanks for the tip - I'll try that!

Sadly we know nothing more for Michele at this point (we only learnt his first name as our big discovery of last week!).

The first rock-solid info we have is Vincenzo's birth in May 1934.
He's said to be "among the younger" and his elder sister Maria is estimated to be about 10 years older, so our Loreta needs to be old enough to have a baby in 1934 and potentially also in 1924.

We had thought maybe her death certificate in Borgosesia might give us some details if we can get a hold of it - we think she died around 1980 (if family rumour is to be believed, in her 90s).

Thanks again so much for the tip - this is really my first splash in our Italian side (though my Italian's improving with all these Forenza vital records!


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