Looking for an old city.

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Looking for an old city.

Postby DiMuro » 21 Oct 2005, 21:25

My last name is Di Muro (of Wall) I'm looking for the location of the city Muro, where my family is from. My father told me that most of it was destroyed by a natural disaster maybe an earthqake. From what I have found there was also a Saint Gerard Majella born in Muro in October of 1755. This is all of what I have been able to find out. I would be very greatful to anyone with more information. I would love to one day visit this location, but first I need to find it.

Thank you,
Felicia Di Muro

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Re: Looking for an old city.

Postby suanj » 21 Oct 2005, 22:00

It is Muro Lucano (Potenza province/Basilicata region?) in this area was many great earthquakes.... also was born in XVII° century San Gerardo Maiella...
regards, suanj
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