Borgo Nuovo in Monteleone di Puglia

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Borgo Nuovo in Monteleone di Puglia

Postby dougrogers » 09 Oct 2016, 05:42

I know that Borgo Nuovo means "New Road", and humorously this means nothing in terms of Monteleone being a medieval hill town to a North American Canadian. I remain curious if anyone has any idea when this particular Borgo Nuovo was established. I am curious because it might yield some clue as to when my ancestral family actually established themselves outside the town proper, as the home is on this "New Road"

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Re: Borgo Nuovo in Monteleone di Puglia

Postby PippoM » 18 Oct 2016, 08:40

"Borgo Nuovo" does not mean "new road", but "new village"; in small villages, it usually indicates a new group of houses in the same village. I'm sorry, but I found nothing about the "Borgo Nuovo" in Monteleone.
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