Are ther hotels in Controne, Italy?

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Are ther hotels in Controne, Italy?

Postby muggle_dad » 21 Jan 2006, 01:57

I have been looking on the Internet and have not found a hotel in the town of Controne. The Controne I am referring to is in the Province of Salerno. I read somewhere on this site that Controne has a festival. Can anyone give me some information regarding it?


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Re: Are ther hotels in Controne, Italy?

Postby ricbru » 21 Jan 2006, 02:48

THE CONTRONE BEAN FESTIVAL" takes place at Controne, a village in the Park of Cilento; it is something not to be missed if you want to enjoy the bean based typical local dishes, ice-cream included! ... als01.html

how to get in Controne ... als01.html

bye riccardo

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