Birth & Baptism Records

Do you need information about a certain town or village in Italy, or do you need help to find it on a map?
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Birth & Baptism Records

Postby ptimber » 03 Sep 2002, 20:52

I am a volunteer for Italian people and their genealogy and I never recommend anyone but there is a great gal out of Salt Lake CVitynamed Kathy Kirkpatrick who is a professional researcher and who goes to Sicily and souther Italy doing research for people every so often. I don\'t know who what or how much but you can contact her at and she is leaving and coming back in November. She may resolve your problem for you. She is an ethical and honest woman. If not then why don\'t you just call the ufficio in Sciacca and ask them for help..maybe a telephone call might spur them on. Peter NYC

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Archive Sciacca

Postby claleo » 01 Jul 2003, 17:22

Hi, you can try there ... RIGENTO%22

good luck.
Leonardo :D

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