Question about Serramonacesca

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Question about Serramonacesca

Postby clmnts5 » 14 Jan 2007, 19:53

I realize it's only a tiny town, but I wonder if anyone might be familiar with the village of Serramonacesca in Prov. Pescara. I have recently traced my DiClemente ancestors back to around 1750 in Serramonacesca. Several of them list "Strada della Barraca" as their residence. On modern maps and aerial photos, this lane or road appears as Strada Communale Barraca and appears to be uninhabited with no buildings. If that's the case, I was wondering how long it has been since anyone lived there. Since I am told Barraca can be translated as "shack" or "shanty" or "junk pile" I am wondering is this indicates my Serramonacesca ancestors may have have lived on the "wrong side of the tracks" 8) .

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