Soragna, Outside of Parma

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Soragna, Outside of Parma

Postby Maddalena570 » 18 Jun 2007, 03:21

My father's family came from this town. It was his mother's family. The family name was Musa. The Musa family came to NYC in bits and pieces. My great grandfather and my great uncle ran a fruit stand on Fulton Street in East New York Brooklyn back in the early 1900s. Anyone with any info of the Musa family from Soragna, please get in touch with me. I have spent a life time trying to recreate my family origins. My father and his siblings were abandoned by their father and lived in Catholic orphanages both in Brooklyn and the Bronx. My father and his siblings are all gone now, the last to die just less than a year ago at the age of 97.
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Brooklyn, NY

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Re: Soragna, Outside of Parma

Postby juanminbar » 18 Jun 2007, 12:50

click onto the site below and you will access the name, address and phone number of the one person with the name musa who lives in the village. ... a&ind=&nc=

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