Sciacca, Sicily

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Sciacca, Sicily

Postby jscaduto » 22 Jun 2007, 16:51

I am going to Sicily this year. I would like to do some family research while there. I know for a fact that my grandparents were born in Sciacca. I have a copy of my grandmothers birth certificate and Sciacca is listed as birthplace on grandfathers Military records. I also have copies of ship manifests/census that list sciacca a their birth place.
Ignazio (John) Scaduto dob 3/3/93 mothers maiden name Lauro
Cologero (Lena) Amplo/ampolo 1902. Mothers maiden name Imbarnone.
Has anyoe done any research in Sicily? Does one have to let the local city/town hall know that you coming? I will have approx 2 weeks to do research. Any information will be appreciated.

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Re: Sciacca, Sicily

Postby Biff83 » 22 Jun 2007, 17:19

I'd recommend that you write the mayor (sindaco) ahead of time for permission to do research. Here's an interactive form letter you can use.

Letter to Sindaco

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