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Postby Filoso » 11 Jan 2008, 21:55

i just recieved a copy of my great grandfather's naturalization records and this is the name of the town he lists as being born in: PATANZZU. However, it does not appear anywhere on the internet. As far as any one remembers, it may be near Naples, but no one is sure.

Any ideas on what the correct/modern spelling of this location is?

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Re: Patanzzu?

Postby PeterTimber » 11 Jan 2008, 22:25

This sounds like a dialect word for Potenza in Basilicata. I am reminded of this by a poem in dialect titled U RRE A PITENZI. =Peter=

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Re: Patanzzu?

Postby Aether » 13 Jan 2008, 03:54

Dear Peter,

This poem in dialect "U RRE A PITENZI" where can I find it?
Is it in dialect lucano, or a type of arberesh? Super curious!

I can understand valenciano, catalan, provencal, and some dialects of Calabria, not Oriolese !

Sorry to impose again! And thanks!

Aether :? :wink:
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