I am looking for records in Palma , Campania.....

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I am looking for records in Palma , Campania.....

Postby TonyDiNobile » 30 Jan 2008, 18:19

I am trying to help someone with the same surname as mine Di Nobile determine the town of origin of her family....I have found Ellis Island records for( I think I have the correct 2 Brothers) her Grand Father & Great Uncle Guiseppe & Luigi Di Nobile.....Arriving in 1907 from San Vito Chietino in Abruzzi....However , her cousin originally found a record for a Luigi Di Nobile arriving in 1901 from Palma(?) , which is outside of Naples ?....I could not find a record for Guiseppe from Palma as well , so I assumed that she found the wrong Luigi....I guess he might have stayed there before departing from Naples....Si I thought if any one had access to records in Palma or for that matter San Vito Chietino they could check to see if they could find evidence of both Guiseppe & Luigi Di Nobile born about 1884 & 1885....Thank You....


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