Termini Imerese

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Termini Imerese

Postby DeborahLar » 07 Feb 2008, 04:57

I just discovered with some help that my grandmother Santa Buono (birth record says Bono) was born in Termini Imerese. The rest of her family was born in St Stefano, Messina. Are these towns close to each other? Where can I go to find out more information about the village or look at pictures of Termini Imerese? Does anyone know the patron saint of Termini Imerese?


Deborah Aceto Larsen

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Re: Termini Imerese

Postby JamesBianco » 07 Feb 2008, 07:45

Laura Johnson has nearly all of the civil births and marriages for Termini Imerese online (to 1910) and in a database. She does charge a one time fee for access however.

Termini Imerese Vital Records Database

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