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French Letter Help!

Postby rayrussell2000uk » 03 Aug 2008, 08:36


Could somebody be so kinda as to help me out by writing me a letter in french so that I can send it to the main archives centre in France (Paris).

I wish to get hold of the birth certificate for my great great great grandmother Marie Pauline Zazzi also known as Polina Zazzi on census records. She was born in Paris in 1851, Unforuntaely I do not know which town or district.

I have been researching my family history from some time now and would love to get hold of her birth certificate to futher my knowledge of the family.

If anybody could write me a letter in french covering those points I would really appreciate it.

Thank you

Raymond Russell

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Re: French Letter Help!

Postby lilbees » 03 Aug 2008, 12:13

Go to the LDS FamilySearch site. Under helps is a French research guidance. It also contains the terms and a sample letter.

It has worked great for me in the past.


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