Lithuanian citizenship

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Lithuanian citizenship

Postby corrado » 25 Oct 2008, 13:55

I am sorry this is way off topic! I am working on Italian Citizenship which is daunting, but what about going the other way. my mother's family came from Lithuania, but before 1919 so under the old rules, we don't qualify. But from looking at the web, it seems the laws are a changing. I am starting the geneology search from the beginning ( like going back 3 years ago in my Italian search). Hey you guys with Italian names are luck, the spellings didn't change much, try Alaksandravicius , well I'm off to the cemetary way on the other side of town to see if I can find some dead ancestors...

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Re: Lithuanian citizenship

Postby PeterTimber » 25 Oct 2008, 14:05

Dear Corrado I came across a website about Lithuanians which may be of interest to you. ... ealogy.htm

Hope you find this helpful. =Peter=

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